(Puppy) Kurt Vonnegut

Hi! My Name Is (Puppy) Kurt Vonnegut

We're happy to tell you that (Puppy) Kurt Vonnegut has a new furever home.
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This goofy tan hunk of love is named Kurt Vonnegut. The largest of his litter, he is adventurous and fun! Watching him gallop across the lawn with limbs flying and tongue flopping is sure to put a smile on your face. Kurt comes when called and is sweet as pie. He's learning to interact with other dogs and cats, meeting kids, and is well on his way to potty training in his foster homes. Puppies are lots of work, lots of mess, and so much fun! Kurt is a rowdy, vocal, clown of a lap dog, sometimes unaware of his surroundings and easy to love if you don't mind a bit of barky noise. He has a big BARK and he's not afraid to use it if he hasn't gotten enough exercise or mental stimulation. Kurt sleeps all night in a crate and we worked hard to make sure he loves his crate since it's such a valuable tool. He's the only pup of this litter to experience motion-sickness but we've been working with him and it is mostly resolved! This is very good news because Kurt wants to go where you go and we want him to have all sorts of fun adventures.
** Puppies this age are only available to adopters with flexible schedules because they can not be left alone all day while you go to work. These babies are eating three meals a day and potty training requires regular visits to the yard together.
We ask that all WCAL puppy adopters commit to attending a 4 or 5 week-long reward-based training class with their new puppy (we'll help find a qualified, force-free trainer near you). This is the best way we know how to help you bond with your new pup, give you access to current training techniques and ensure that your new dog becomes a well-rounded member of society. We believe in being proactive and know from experience that the best time to train a dog is NOW! It's essential that the dogs we rescue get the very best start to reduce their chances of being surrendered to a shelter or banished to a backyard as unruly, untrained adolescent dogs who are no longer cute and small. If you don't have time to attend training classes with a puppy right after adoption, please consider choosing an adult dog or waiting to adopt until your schedule is more flexible.

This litter of baby puppies was left in a box outside of a library and luckily they were found in time and delivered to the animal shelter which contacted our rescue for help. While we can guess this puppy will grow into a LARGE dog, we have not met either parent and do not know their exact breed mix. Before applying to adopt, it's important to verify that this pup will be welcomed by your landlord and homeowners insurance, regardless of breed (many prohibit bully breeds and pitbull mixes).  A DNA test of the largest pup revealed that these dogs likely include a mix of American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Bulldog, Boxer, plus Neapolitan Mastiff, and they are predicted to be 51-84 pounds when fully grown, though each pup is unique!