Hi! My Name Is PIERRE

We're happy to tell you that PIERRE has a new furever home.
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Available after 3/24: For the past 45 days, Pierre has been treated for a serious case of demodectic mange that has caused hair loss across his entire body. This is likely a result of malnutrition based on his lab tests. He has become really playful as his body recovers. Pierre and the resident dog in his foster home play for hours and chase is their game of choice - around and around and around the dining room table they go and Pierre is surprisingly fast! When he's excited, he bounces straight up in the air, all four feet off the floor (there's usually a treat involved). While he does love a warm lap, he's still a youngster with a fair amount of energy to burn. Pierre is a good loose leash walker and enjoys going around the block. His skin and coat are way, way better. There MIGHT even be some hair growth on his leathery little tail. Most importantly, he no longer stinks!

Pierre would like a home with another young playful pupper and people who are home a good amount of the time. Being home alone all day would not suit him. A doggy door and covered outdoor area for potty breaks might be good, too. Getting his toesy-woesies wet is not his favorite and he'll pick a spot indoors before asking to go out in the rain. He snores contentedly in his crate all night and travels well in it in the car.
This little guy is incredibly charming with his bat face, trusting, happy demeanor, and endless repertoire of grunts, chortles and snorts.