(ADULT) Princessa

Hi! My Name Is (ADULT) Princessa

We're happy to tell you that (ADULT) Princessa has a new furever home.
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This polydactyl princess is a nice girl. She's a polydactyl, a Hemmingway cat, a kitten with mittens. Princessa is definitely a princess. She is playful and silly at only a year old. Constantly on the move, she'd enjoy humans who would like to play with her. Fetch? Wand toy? Yes & yes! The resident cats in her foster home seem less than thrilled about her attempts to engage them, but she hasn't given up yet. A dog came to visit and she poofed up to maximum fluff. It was scary but with a long, slow introduction and a very nice mellow dog, we believe she could eventually learn to coexist.

Princessa is so funny. She's truly a dog in a cat's polydactyl body. She will guard the front door, growling at passerby’s on the sidewalk who dare stroll in front of the window. Previously a tummy teaser, Princessa is experimenting with belly rubs! Now she will roll on her back, asking for tummy rubs. No biting, bunny kicking with her back legs or scratching, just good old tummy rubs. We're here for it! Princessa sleeps in bed with her foster each night. She's happy to follow from room to room and be included in your daily rituals. All she needs is an adopter! Please help us find that person to make her rescue journey complete 🐾.

Her ideal home is 'catified' with fun furniture for cats, lots of sun and nice humans. Regular nail trims are very important for anyone who chooses to adopt a special kitty like this with all those extra toes. When this kitty was spayed, the vet fixed a seriously painful ingrown toenail that had grown long enough to curl all the way around and poke into the pad of her paw! It feels better already and we're determined to make sure this doesn't happen again. In addition to large mittens, this friendly feline has phenomenal whiskers and she's generous with the head butts, too!

Princessa tested positive for FIV, but you wouldn't know it because she is completely symptom-free. Like many cats who live with Feline Immunodeficiency Disease, there's a very good chance this kitty may never develop any symptoms at all. Many FIV+ cats grow up to lead perfectly normal lives with good food, regular vet care and a stress-free, indoor kitty lifestyle. She is not contagious to humans or dogs and can even live with other nice indoor-only felines. Keeping her indoors will reduce the chances of an injury that a depressed immune system would have a harder time recovering from. We believe in full transparency; please let us know if you have questions! More information on Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV): https://tinyurl.com/y8pvs3x2