(Briar Patch) Blackberry

Hi! My Name Is (Briar Patch) Blackberry

We're happy to tell you that (Briar Patch) Blackberry has a new furever home.
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Some people like cats who sit quietly next to them on the couch. Those are not Blackberry’s people 🙃 He’s got no regard for personal space, and if you’re doing something, he’s doing it with you. This super fun older kitten will give you a big meow when he wants your attention. He’s a real in-your-face kind of guy, and if you’re laying in bed, he prefers to be laying ON you with his face right next to yours. He’s growing up to be the cat that sits on your book while you try to read or your laptop while you’re trying to work. He’s very vocal and will absolutely let you know when he wants your attention. Blackberry just turned 7 months old, and he is everybody’s baby. He may have started off shy, but now he’s an in-your-face attention love-monster! He enjoys the company of other cats, but if you’re petting one of them and Blackberry notices, he will be on his way over immediately. Blackberry has become a total attention hog who can’t stand to see anyone get more attention than him! He's happy to share, but there's no way he will be left out.

His ideal home will also welcome his silly business. Blackberry likes to climb, crawl under, and explore. He’s into absolutely everything and his middle name might be Mischief because he thinks everything is meant for his amusement. He's gotten comfortable and become a super outgoing kitty who will greet you at the door and welcome any strangers you bring home to pet him! It’s true that it took him some time to get to this point, but it was pretty easy for his foster home to give him the time and freedom to come out of his shell. Please apply online if you're ready for a virtual or in person meet & greet in his Santa Rosa foster home.