(Black) Friday

Hi! My Name Is (Black) Friday

We're happy to tell you that (Black) Friday has a new furever home.
Please visit our Available Cats Page to see the cats currently available.
"Friday" from our litter of black, bottle-raised baby cats is the emblem of a sweet golden retriever. The only boy and a dedicated back-sleeper, Friday is there to make you happy. Throughout the day, you hear him chirping as he plays with his siblings. He likes to run and chase. Friday also loves to be held like a baby. You know the position, arms folded, and his little feets in the air or next to his head. It's precious. He is not overbearing and gets the hint if you need space, but when you are ready, he is there for you. If he makes eye contact with you from across the room, then without a doubt, you can bet on him making a beeline for you. You’re a stranger, no worries, he will show you exactly how it works, he will jump on your lap and walk across your legs and give an encouraging head bump. What's not to love?
All four kittens from the Black litter are ready for adoption: Friday, Beauty, Coffee and Sheep!

This kitten is one of those extra special babies - the ones our volunteers have bottle-raised. Kittens raised by humans are extra comfortable around people and love attention. Since they didn't have the opportunity to be raised by a mama cat, they have zero street smarts and we are looking for a family who is committed to keeping them indoors only for life. Act fast if you'd like to have a WCAL bottle baby in your family.