We're happy to tell you that (COUSINS) TABS has a new furever home.
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Miss Tabs her brother TJ are almost identical tabbies with adorable white paws, all black toe beans (pads), and little black tufts of hair sticking out of the points of their ears. She has a few black freckles on her cheeks that set her apart plus, she’s the largest of her litter and the most athletic. This little gymnast can leap right out of her playpen and straight into the air to grab her favorite wand toy. She’s the first to the food bowl and will happily eat everyone’s leftovers. Since she’s the biggest, she usually gets what’s she wants, whether it’s the most coveted toy mouse or the best spot in the bed. She’s the boss. She loves the dogs in her foster home and the kids as well. She would love to be adopted with her brother TJ if possible.