(Creek) Blossom

Hi! My Name Is (Creek) Blossom

I'm Available

Blossom is snuggle perfection. Happy to sit on any part of a human that stops moving long enough for her to get onboard, she is the mini me to Millikan and will speak up if she wants something or snuggle if it's snuggle time. She is playful and energetic but really she would much rather snuggle. 

This kitten is one of those extra special babies - the ones our volunteers have hand raised in their homes. Kittens separated from their mom at a very young age and raised by humans are extra comfortable around people, extremely affectionate, and love attention. Since they didn't have the opportunity to be raised by a mama cat, they have zero street smarts and are especially naive about the dangers that exist. We are looking for a family who is committed to keeping them indoors only for life.

  • Domestic Short Hair
  • Female
  • Baby (0 - 8 Months) (04/23/2023) - Estimated
  • Tabby (Gray / Blue / Silver)
  • Social & Friendly
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