(Orphan) Elektra

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Elektra just turned 9 weeks old and she's growing up so fast! Next week she & her orphan friend Peggy Sue will both be spayed then they will be ready to go home with an adopter. Elektra is an athletic house panther in training with a purr that could melt any heart and a huge appetite! She & Peggy Sue were born just one day apart and these two are unrelated babies have been keeping one another company; first in our kitten incubator and then they graduated to a big kid playpen together. They have no clue they aren't sisters! Peggy Sue is a special needs kitten with only three legs, but she tries hard to keep up with the talented and capable Elektra. From day one, Elektra's superpower has been eating and now she has a nice round belly that you can pet when you hold her like a baby. She loves attention from her people and is clever and happy to explore.

This kitten is one of those extra special babies - the ones our volunteers have bottle-raised. Kittens raised by humans are extra comfortable around people and love attention. Since they didn't have the opportunity to be raised by a mama cat, they have zero street smarts and we are looking for a family who is committed to keeping them indoors only for life.

  • Domestic Short Hair
  • Female
  • Baby (03/29/2022) - Estimated
  • Black
  • Playful & Inquisitive
  • I Like All Kids
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