We're happy to tell you that (HAPPY FEET) “BO” BOADICIA has a new furever home.
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 There’s something very imperious in the way Boadicia looks at her people. It never feels like she’s asking for anything; rather it's more like she just expects it! This friendly, affectionate, hand-raised kitten absolutely gives off warrior queen vibes and it’s not just because of her name. Bo is an unstoppable force. She will play when she wants to, you will pet her when she wants you to, and your lap (as well as any snack you might be eating) is actually hers. It's true. The crazy thing is, her foster mom doesn’t mind a bit! She’s so soft and fluffy—who wouldn’t want to be ordered around by Boadicia the beautiful!? Hand-raised with lots of love, Boadicia is the fluffiest of her sisters. She was scrawny as a little kitty, but Bo has filled out and turned into a long-haired beauty. Really though, she’s just a big snuggly baby. This kitten is going to be everywhere you are and expects to be picked up when she asks for cuddles. Her litter is not a good match for people who need boundaries with their pets or who don't like to share every aspect of life with their furry companions. Bottle babies can be nosey, demanding little stinkers, which is why we love them so much! She is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and ready for adoption now

This kitten is one of those extra special babies - the ones our volunteers have bottle-raised. Kittens raised by humans are extra comfortable around people and love attention. Since they didn't have the opportunity to be raised by a mama cat, they have zero street smarts and we are looking for a family who is committed to keeping them indoors only for life. Act fast if you'd like to have a WCAL bottle baby in your family.