(Little Ponies) Paint

Hi! My Name Is (Little Ponies) Paint

I'm Available

Paint is ALL love and enjoys rubbing his face on his favorite people, giving hugs, and licking faces.  This active boy loves wrestling with his brother Pinto and is always up for a game of chase.  Cuddling at nap time is a must for Paint and he is happy to cuddle with his brother or on any available lap.  Paint will be ready for adoption on 9/8, but you can apply to meet him NOW!

This kitten is one of those extra special babies - the ones our volunteers have bottle-raised. Kittens raised by humans are extra comfortable around people and love attention. Since they didn't have the opportunity to be raised by a mama cat, they have zero street smarts and we are looking for a family who is committed to keeping them indoors only for life. Act fast if you'd like to have a WCAL bottle baby in your family. 

  • Domestic Short Hair
  • Male
  • Baby (07/12/2022) - Estimated
  • California
  • Black & White
  • Social & Friendly
  • I Like All Kids
  • I Like All Cats
  • I Like All Dogs
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