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Alice came to WCAL from a feral colony, but we had a feeling she didn't belong there. She was always hanging around the volunteer feeders, not running away or getting spooked like the other cats. When she was trapped for spay, she let us pet her, and Alice LEANED IN! She liked it and asked for more pets, rolling over and soaking up the love. This kitty was named for Alice Roosevelt, an independent, pants-wearing, cigarette-smoking woman who liked to have a good time and wasn't worried about social norms. Like her namesake, Alice has some stories to tell, and she's lived on the wild side. Her exam revealed a horribly infected mouth, and a few teeth fell right out with a gentle tug! Since then, all of her teeth have been surgically removed to treat a condition called Stomatitis. Alice has come so far in just a few months. This little girl initially preferred to hide when people entered the room, but she loved pets and was a purring machine when she felt safe. Since her dental surgery, Alice has blossomed into a completely different cat. Today, she’s a chatty Kathy who comes running to greet her foster. Alice purrs loudly and head butts constantly; so much love! She happily chases her toys and is just the sweetest thing. Alice is still not too sure about new people, but she is getting less and less fearful every day. This spayed, vaccinated, microchipped 7-month-old kitten will thrive in an adult home with a patient adopter who will give her time to get settled and learn to trust. She is happy to be held, melting into the arms of the people she trusts. Her ideal family won't hold her unconventional upbringing against her and will be patient as she gets settled and comes out of her shell. Alice is a very pretty dilute tortoiseshell kitten who is looking for an adopter who has a soft touch (no youthful, loud dogs please). 



  • Domestic Short Hair
  • Female
  • Baby (05/12/2022) - Estimated
  • California
  • Dilute Tortoiseshell & Gray / Blue / Silver
  • Keeps To Self | Can Be Timid
  • I Like Kids Over 10
  • I Like All Cats
  • I Like Select Dogs
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