(Orphan) Ariel

Hi! My Name Is (Orphan) Ariel

We're happy to tell you that (Orphan) Ariel has a new furever home.
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The most capable and loving 2-legged kitten you ever could ask for! If you're interested in welcoming a special needs kitten to your home then Ariel is your girl. To see her in action is inspiring and to share your home with her is really fun.  This extra special kitten has beat all the odds and she is thriving with just two legs. We had no choice but to amputate both her hind legs at the knee because of a serious crush injury. She is much faster than you'd expect, "drifting" around the corners on wood floors! Ariel has been doted on from an early age and it shows. She follows her humans from room to room, calls out to them with a loud, scratchy meow, and demands a fair amount of cuddles and attention. Ariel is confident and outgoing around other cats and mellow, slower dogs. She puts everything in her mouth (Ariel might be part chihuahua?). This young cat is playful and engaging. Her dislikes include vacuum cleaners, other loud noises, and having poop chunks brushed out of her fluffy "pants" as is sometimes necessary. Like any princess, Ariel has big opinions and she's really great at expressing herself. She would do best in a home with a nice feline pal and perhaps a slower dog who won't accidentally smush her as she weaves innocently between their legs. Active, fast dogs and loud, young children aren't a great match for this mobility-challenged feline. With the help of ramps and soft stairs, this capable kitty can access the couch and your bed! Head butts all around for the special humans who choose to adopt her and make her the center of their universe.