We're happy to tell you that (ORPHAN) HONEST ABE has a new furever home.
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Rescued on July 4th in horrible shape, this kitten has made a fantastic comeback! There were chunks of melted asphalt stuck into his fur because he was found limp and laying in the road on a very hot day. It was an emergency situation when we took him in and boy are we glad that we did! Abe is full of personality and has become a real chatty, lovey guy. He likes belly rubs, chin scratching, and falling asleep in your arms. Abe wants to climb on every surface and explore every cubby of his foster home. He wakes his foster mom with a cat bath each morning and is becoming more handsome each day. Clearly, we're smitten for this kitten! 

 He's quite the charming character and loves getting into everything. Abe is a fan of any toy, from a crinkly fishy to a jingle ball or crumpled up piece of paper. He plays with the cord on the blinds, bottle caps, your hair...anything that moves. He'll even 'chase' the magnet on the shower curtain. This handsome 5 month old kitten will keep you on your toes, especially with the places he goes. His two favorite places are on the kitchen table (for sleeping) and inside the refrigerator (because he longs to be the coolest cat?). His adopter should love an interactive cat who crawls under the covers at bedtime and wakes you up at sunrise for a licki-bath, complete with chatty meows and purrs.
Honest Abe is looking for a home where he will have friends of the feline and human variety, where he can reign from the highest vantage points in the room (or be trained using positive reinforcement to hang out in more appropriate places). Abe shares his foster home with a very tolerant dog. He is a helpful and interactive guy who likes to watch you cook or work on your computer, and even supervises your naps. Abe likes soft, slow belly rubs, chin scratching, and falling asleep in your arms. He is an awesome cat, super cool, very friendly, he's ALL the things!
Check out a video of this hunk-a-hunk-a burnin' love!!