(Orphan) Nettle

Hi! My Name Is (Orphan) Nettle

This lovely soul has passed over the rainbow bridge and is with us now in our memory and in spirit. If you are looking for to share your life with a cat like (Orphan) Nettle, please visit our Available Cats Page

Nettle 🌿 This joyful pint-sized fluffball has an enlarged heart that beats WAY too fast. Nettle's heart is racing all the time and it's made it difficult for her to gain any weight. Our main concern is that her heart defect means she won't live very long. We're working with our Veterinarian and doing everything in our power to help Nettle's heart beat at a healthier rate and since we caught this very early, we hope to help Nettle enjoy as many days as she possibly can with her foster family. This tiny lover girl sure has made an impact already and we're sad to think that she may not live to be more than six months old 💔