We're happy to tell you that (PUMPKIN’S LITTER) BABY RUTH has a new furever home.
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Ruthie is constantly impressing us and learning to do new things. She was born with CH or Cerebellar Hypoplasia which is the under development of the cerebellum and this affects a cat's balance and coordination. Her CH is very mild and she can do everything her "normal" sister Candy does, just with her unique spin! Kittens with CH tend to become more and more capable as they age. She has been in our care since she was 7 days old and now Ruthie and her sister Candy are 10 months old. As Ruthie grows up, she builds muscles and learns coping techniques to help her navigate more smoothly. Cats with mild CH like Ruthie can have a very normal and happy life! CH is not progressive and it doesn't impact a cat's life expectancy. She may walk a little crooked and benefit from soft sided silicone bowls to keep her from chipping a tooth, but other than that she is a happy, loving gal! When she was younger, we found a hooded litter box was helpful to direct her entry & exit, but last month Ruth learned to control her steps into and out of the litterbox, making the lid obsolete. This ballerina has moves... The ideal adopter is familiar with caring for special needs pets and is willing to make a few special accommodations (like padding sharp corners and including a baby gate at the stair case).  A single story home without animals who will chase or harass Ruthie is ideal. This duo should be indoor only kitties, but they'd love a catio to sunbathe in.

Ruthie and her sister Candy are available for adoption together. They are both spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, healthy and are all about the snuggles and clowning around. Welcome to the wonderful world of wobbles. It is really challenging not to fall for this sweet duo! *INDOOR ONLY*