We're happy to tell you that (PUPPY) LAREDO has a new furever home.
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Laredo, also known as The Dough is an adorable, squishy faced, brindle boy who is sure to melt hearts. He frequently sits and stares up at his foster mom with loving eyes. Laredo is an active, energetic puppy and he is practicing not nibbling at sensitive fingers and sitting calmly for meal times. His default is to bounce up and down at feeding time and steal his sister's food. We manage this by feeding them separately if they are not supervised. The Dough likes human company a lot. He's very curious and if left on his own for long, he will get into mischief shredding plants in the garden or digging holes. He loves to follow his humans around in the yard and garden and when he finally slows down for a nap, you can really appreciate is sweet, freckled belly!

I was bottle fed in a WCAL foster home because my litter was surrendered to the shelter without a mother. My litter was recently neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and we are officially available for adoption. We are eating both canned and dry food 3x a day, practicing potty training cues and learning how to maneuver around big dogs and cats in our  foster home. While we can guess that this puppy will grow to be a LARGE dog, we have not met either parent and do not know their specific breed mix. If adopting a pit bull mix makes you uncomfortable, then this is not the dog for you. We ask that all WCAL puppy adopters commit to attend a 5 or 6 week long reward based training class with their new puppy (we'll help you find a qualified, dog-friendly trainer near you). This is the best way we know how to help you bond with your new pup, give you access to current training techniques and ensure that your new dog becomes a well rounded member of society who won't be surrendered to a shelter or banished to a backyard as an unruly, untrained adolescent.