Coming Soon


The cats below are not currently available for adoption but will be soon. They may be healing from a medical condition, learning to be friendly house pets or they are simply too young/small to be altered and leave their siblings.

While you are welcome to submit an adoption application for the cats listed below, our team of volunteers is focused on lining up homes for the amazing animals who are ready to go home RIGHT NOW and we cannot respond to applications for cats who are not yet ready. Our volunteer adoption counselors typically begin to process applications once a kitten has reached 7 weeks old and has been with us for at least a week to give us the opportunity to get to know their needs and personality. We will not be responding to applications or taking calls or inquiries about the cats listed below until they are healthy and nearly big enough to be spayed/neutered.

As you are browsing, please keep in mind that young kittens who are under 6-8 months old do best when they have a feline friend! We have listed all kittens by litter to help you choose two siblings who already know and love one another. OUR KITTENS ARE ADOPTED ONLY IN PAIRS OR TO HOMES THAT ALREADY HAVE AT LEAST ONE FRIENDLY INDOOR CAT. For families looking to adopt just one feline, our friendly adult cats would love for you to choose them!