(Digits) Toebias

Hi! My Name Is (Digits) Toebias

We're happy to tell you that (Digits) Toebias has a new furever home.
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Toebias or Toeby for short, is quick to purr and loves ALL THE TOYS!  This Polydactyl is eager to explore and has great lap cat potential since he seeks out a warm human to hold him when he gets sleepy. Toebias is usually the first of his litter to tire from the fun and games, turn on his purr machine and find a human to cuddle. On a scale of cuddle kitten to rowdy boy, he's a purrfect mix of both! Big thumbs and good looks are just the cherry on top!

What's a polydactyl cat? Most cats are born with 18 toes, five on each front paw and four on each back paw, but some have extra digits! If the mother cat or father cat has the genetic mutation, each kitten in their litter has a 50 percent chance of being polydactyl, too. "Mitten Cats" were a favorite of Hemmingway and they come in any color. Their thumbs are not opposable, but some kitties learn to open door latches thanks to their extra toes. The most important thing to consider before adopting a polydactyl cat is how comfortable you are with giving your cats regular nail trims every 3-4 weeks throughout their life. Overgrown nails can cause lameness for these special cats who often have extra toenails in between their primary digits. They also have more toes to snag on furniture if not properly maintained. Some polydactyl cats are extra talented climbers, whereas others seem extra clumsy (all thumbs!) but they have the same lifespan of any feline as well as the same capacity to love and be loved.